Message from the President

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the University of Sudbury!

I want to share with you what an enormous privilege it has been for me to assume the position of President of this University, the oldest institution of its kind in the region, a beacon of post-secondary education in Northern Ontario for over a century.

We are proud of the bilingual and tri-cultural tradition of the University of Sudbury. Our innovative approach to learning combines a focus on the study and promotion of the culture and traditions of our indigenous peoples with a humanistic perspective rooted in our Jesuit heritage; this approach is at the very heart of the mission of our university, to train thoughtful, committed citizens -- the leaders of tomorrow.

The University of Sudbury, through its programmes, its emphasis on social responsibility, its spiritual guidance services, and its centre for ethics, has become a dynamic centre for interaction and reflection on current issues in our society. Our two official languages as well as questions and perspectives of First Nations Canadians, cultural diversity and the challenges of inclusion, culture, heritage, and community involvement, are themes at the heart of our programming, guiding our actions and initiatives.

In deciding to study at the University of Sudbury, you have chosen a liberal arts education that will be your gateway to an active, worthwhile, and productive life. All our programmes and courses -- Philosophy, Indigenous Studies, Religious Studies, or Culture and Communications, whether offered at our Sudbury campus, in First Nations communities, or through distance learning -- are delivered in a high-quality educational framework and an intimate learning environment, one of the many advantages of our small class sizes.

Choosing to study or live at the University of Sudbury is a decision to join a vibrant university community, where you will have the support of personalized services, individual attention and a sense of community that only a small university can offer, while at the same time enjoying the advantages of living and studying on a large, full-service campus, thanks to the Laurentian Federation.

The University of Sudbury is a welcoming, friendly meeting place. I hope our paths cross on campus so I can meet you personally and we can share about your hopes and aspirations for our institution, as well as the challenges being encountered in the communities we are serving. This will help us continue to develop a unifying and supportive vision for the future of our university.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our campus; I hope to meet you soon!

Sophie Bouffard, Ph.D.
President and Vice-Chancellor
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Photo Sophie Bouffard
Dr. Sophie Bouffard
President and Vice-Chancellor