Employment Opportunities

Pursue a career at the University of Sudbury!

The University of Sudbury is distinguished by the quality of its workplace and its solid reputation, due in large part to the vivacity and the excellence of its team.  You could be part of this dynamic, ambitious and passionate team.

Facilitator - Classroom Workshops (part-time job for university students): The University of Sudbury seeks to hire students to deliver interactive workshops in the local high schools as well as elsewhere in the province. Note: the workshops are offered in French only.

Secretary, Academic Department- 15 hours per week – flexible schedule: This position shares responsibility for the provision of support services to academic departments and for distance education.


The University regularly hires qualified individuals to offer their courses either by distance or on campus. If you are interested in applying as a sessional faculty member to any of our programs, please submit a letter of application, curriculum vitae, evidence of effective teaching and reference letters to the following department chairs:
Religious Studies – Dr. Kornel Zathureczky at kzathureczky@usudbury.ca 
Philosophy – Dr. Rachel Haliburton at rhaliburton@usudbury.ca 
Indigenous Studies – Dr. Lucien Pelletier at lpelletier@usudbury.ca
Folklore et ethnologie – Dr. Daniela Moisa at dmoisa@usudbury.ca
Études journalistiques – Dr. Daniela Moisa at dmoisa@usudbury.ca

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