Faces of #USudbury

The University of Sudbury is proud to present its new series titled: Faces of #USudbury / Visages #NOUSudbury.
This new series will highlight some of the wonderful people that make up our university community, including faculty, staff, and students. Videos will either be in English or French based on individual preferences, and will be housed on this page as they are released.

In this first video, meet Tasha Beeds, Assistant Professor and a newer face within our Indigenous Studies Department.

"I’m here always as an agent of change for my people (…), so I’m here for the water, for the earth, and all of Creation. Those are my passions, and all of that relates and translates into being a professor, because I’m also here for the students. It’s part of my belief and my pedagogy that without students, we wouldn’t be; we wouldn’t have this university and I wouldn’t be a professor (…), so I really invest in my students’ well-being."

For more information on our Indigenous Studies program, CLICK HERE


In this bilingual video, meet Suzanne Paquin, Senior Academic Secretary.

"I see us as a family who work together for the benefit of the students (...)" (translation)


In this video, meet Dr. Paolo Biondi, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy and a former U of S student!

“People are very friendly, you feel comfortable… it’s a smaller place [so] you get to know people. It’s intimate.”

For more information on our Philosophy program, CLICK HERE


In this video, meet Mary Recollet, the long-time Administrative Assistant of the Department of Indigenous Studies. 

“The University of Sudbury has always really been a little community. [...] Our doors are always open.”

More videos to come. Stay tuned!

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