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Honorary Doctorates


Consideration of the Catholic, bilingual and tri-cultural nature of the University is an important aspect in the choice of candidates. The following guidelines apply:

  • Honorary degrees should not, barring exceptional circumstances, be awarded posthumously or in absentia;
  • Honorary degrees should not be awarded:
              • to personnel currently serving the University of Sudbury;
              • to sitting members of the Board of Regents or members of their family;
              • to individuals who have direct political, legal, or budgetary influence over the University;
              • to active or serving politicians.
While the Committee is responsible for finding the best possible candidates in a given year and for ensuring a balance across various disciplines and groups over a period of time, the following categories are emphasized:
    • Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to intellectual advancements in key disciplines of the University of Sudbury or who reflect its values;
    • Individuals who have been or have the potential to be significant benefactors of the University either creatively, materially or financially;
    • Individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the life of Northeastern Ontario and/or the communities served by the University of Sudbury;
    • Individuals who, through their outstanding contributions in their fields at the national or international levels, have the ability to enhance the reputation of the University of Sudbury.

The committee determines its own procedures which at a minimum will be as follows:

  • Every nomination submitted will be considered;
  • A vote on each name will be taken by means of a paper ballot;
  • Only committee members present at the meeting may vote;
  • A 2/3 majority vote is required for a candidate to be supported;
  • Once the committee has agreed on the candidates, the President submits a report to Senate and the Board of Regents which shall contain a concise citation for each name recommended by the Committee for the award of an honorary degree.
        The President shall determine the ceremony at which the degree shall be awarded in accordance with the availability and wishes of the honorands.  The names of nominees shall remain confidential until such time as their acceptance of the offer of a degree is announced by the President.  Only the President will communicate with the recipients.


Nominations should contain a short (maximum 250-word) citation that could be used at an award ceremony and a description of no more than two pages of the candidate's accomplishments and the basis for their nomination.  The candidates should not be made aware of their nomination or solicited for information.  Letters of reference should not be sought. Confidentiality is critical to avoid hurt feelings and embarrassment as the University typically receives many worthy nominations and can only award a limited number of honorary degrees.


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