The CFOF Returns to the University of Sudbury

(July 9 2010 – Sudbury) The University of Sudbury and the Board of Directors of the Centre franco-ontarien de folkore are currently elaborating a partnership that will allow the CFOF to relocate its offices to the University as of October 1st, 2010, all the while undertaking projects that are beneficial for both parties.

“We foresee a very fruitful collaboration between the Department of Folklore and Ethnology and the Centre franco-ontarien de folklore: the University provides scientific support and access to academic networks to carry out its mandate of research and dissemination of heritage from the perspective of the university; the CFOF brings ties with the Franco-Ontarian community and helps develop the public face of studies in folklore. Our students are the winners in this sharing of resources and expertise, "said Marcel Bénéteau, professor of Folklore at the University of Sudbury.

The Centre franco-ontarien de folklore, founded by Father Germain Lemieux, will return to its place of origin at the University of Sudbury. The Francophones and academics will benefit from this partnership since the knowledge and resources, as well as the works of Father Germain Lemieux will meet again in one place.

“By relocating our head office to the University of Sudbury, our energies will be better focused on our mandate to collect, preserve and develop the Franco-Ontarian heritage," says Diane Charette-Lavoie, president of the Board of Directors. "We expect to be more accessible to researchers and students. We will develop more partnerships with the academic community, the community colleges, school boards and other educational and cultural institutions.”

For more information:
Pierre Zundel
President and Vice-Chancellor
University of Sudbury
(705) 673-5661

Roger Gervais
Centre franco-ontarien de folklore
(705) 675-8986

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