2012 Senate Award Recipients

On November 1st, 2012, the University of Sudbury's Senate Awards were presented to the recipients.

The Senate Award is given to a student who is registered in at least a third course of a chosen discipline offered at the University of Sudbury and has demonstrated important academic progress since beginning their studies at the University. The selection of the candidate is made by each department and approved by Senate.

The Vladimir Berens Award in Philosophy
Robert Taglialegne

Le prix Vladimir Berens en philosophie
Jonathan Cimon-Lambert

Le prix Germain Lemieux en folklore et ethnologie de l'Amérique française
Raïna Ntawigirira

The Stella Kinoshameg Award in Indigenous Studies
Brenda Pangowish

Le prix James Taylor en études journalistiques
Catherine Levac

The Teilhard de Chardin Award in Religious Studies
Cassandra Lizotte

Le prix Teilhard de Chardin en sciences religieuses
Anabel Therrien

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