New agreement between the University of Sudbury and the Société historique du Nouvel-Ontario

On November 27th, Dr. Pierre Zundel, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sudbury, and Dr. Serge Dupuis, Executive Coordinator of the Franco-Ontarian Institute, signed an agreement to produce awrittenadaptation of a series ofbroadcasts originally produced by RadioCanada. These broadcasts which date back to the early ‘90s andfocus on the historyof Franco-Ontarian Jesuits,were producedbyMichelMorin(Director of Operations forRadioCanada in Northern Ontario), led by FranceJodoin, and featuringtwogreat Franco-Ontarian historians: Father Robert Toupin, s.j. and GaétanGervais(former faculty member atLaurentian University). It is hoped that the finished product will be available in the next few months.

New agreement between the UofS and the SHNO

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