Paolo Biondi

Paolo Biondi 2016Dr. Paolo Biondi, Associate Professor, and Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of Sudbury, specializes in Aristotelian Cognitive Psychology (Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Logic). In addition to his teaching and research, he sits on various boards and committees: for example, the University of Sudbury’s Senate, the Faculty Affairs Committee, the Faculty of Arts Council, the Board of Regents, the Campus Facilities Committee, and the Senate Selection Committee for Honorary Doctorates and Fellowships.

According to Professor Biondi, “Philosophy is the theory of everything in the sense that it allows one to study every discipline to some extent”. He claims to have always enjoyed learning, and has a deep desire to understand things. “Doing philosophy satisfies those desires. Over the years I have come to understand that philosophy is about knowing how to ask pertinent questions, knowing how to think through problems or topics thoroughly and well, and understanding things by knowing their place in a larger conceptual framework. In short, I have always found philosophy to be very concrete because thinking philosophically hones your ability to perceive reality for what it is. Aristotle said, “The activity of intelligence is life.” So doing philosophy is living.”

He encourages students to pursue their interests during their studies at university. “Be curious. Learn whatever you find interesting. There is too much emphasis today on education serving a practical and utilitarian purpose (i.e. job training). You can figure out what kind of work you will do and how your degree can lead you to that job after you have completed your degree. If necessary, take a college program afterwards to be more ‘marketable.’ You may or may not get the job for which you trained. But no one can take away the things you learned about yourself and the world while studying philosophy or whatever you’re passionate about.”

This past summer, Dr. Biondi worked on a book project with Dr. Louis Groarke (St. Francis Xavier University) and Dr. Paul Groarke (St. Thomas University). The book is tentatively titled Living Wisely: Readings in Ethics from Ancient Times to the Present, and it will be published by Broadview Press, a Canadian publisher. It is an anthology of readings in ethics intended for courses on introduction to ethics, introduction to philosophy, or introductory humanities. The readings are presented chronologically and come not only from philosophers, but also from other sources such as religious writings and literature. It also includes several examples from non-western traditions such as Confucianism, Buddhism, and even Indigenous tribal stories.

Dr. Biondi’s areas of research interest include Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics II.19 (induction, intuition, science, experience); Greek and Hellenistic conceptions of intelligence, soul or mind, life; and bioethics. He is looking for a student research assistant who would be interested in doing research on Aristotle. All interested students may contact him by email: or by calling 705-673-5661, ext. 308.
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