In the Library

Everyone is welcome to do research in the University of Sudbury Library which is located on the second floor of the University of Sudbury.  It houses several sections relevant to ethics research.

General Ethics - Ethics related books are located in section BJ.  This section contains books discussing the history of ethics, various ethical questions, justification for ethical behaviour, and the ethical perspectives held by world religions.

Bioethics - Bioethics related resources are found in section QH.  It contains introductory bioethics texts, and books related to philosophy of biology, genetics, and cloning.

Health Care Ethics - Section R houses books on the subject of Health Care Ethics.  Some of the topics discussed in this section include human rights in the health care setting, and ethical issues surrounding life and death.

There are also many useful resources in the reference section of the library such as encyclopaedias of ethics and applied ethics and dictionaries of philosophical terminology.

All are welcome.  If you are not a student at Laurentian University, you can get borrowing rights by providing identification and proof of address and paying a small administrative fee.
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