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Earth Day

Across the globe, people celebrate Earth Day to bring awareness to environmental issues and protecting the planet. Each year, the University of Sudbury hosts secondary schools from the Greater Sudbury area to participate in interactive workshops for this occasion. 

The University of Sudbury specializes in the humanities and operates according to Jesuit and Indigenous values. As such, we care about environmental justice; ethical action; protecting our lands and waters, and the ecosystems that us humans are a part of; and thinking of future generations. 

Through a variety of interactive workshops with community partners, students can engage in discussions and problem-solving activities to help inspire them to think about everyday actions they can take to lessen their impact on the environment. 

In 2020 and 2021, the event was cancelled due to the pandemic, but we hope to be able to offer these workshops again soon. We will post an update when we can.

A workshop facilitator showing trash pulled out of a river in Sudbury to the student participants in 2019.  A workshop facilitator, a geologist, showing a soil sample to a group of students during a 2019 workshop.

A group of students standing around a circle made of rope on the ground, in an interactive and movement-filled workshop about the sun's rays.


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