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Experience a class

This activity is not offered in the current pandemic context, but check back in for updates.

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Get a taste and see if it’s for you. Let us help alleviate your fears and concerns about university by experiencing a class!

Did you know? This activity is considered to be a “reach ahead experience” for high school students who are pursuing a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM). A certificate will be given to SHSM students upon request.

Register as a class or as an individual. Spots will be filled on a first come, first registered basis. There is no fee for attending; however, students / classes are responsible for making arrangement for their transportation.

For more information please contact 

We look forward to welcoming you!


I was getting ready to choose my program and courses for University, and I was very interested in journalism and philosophy, but I did not know if the courses were for me, so I observed them. In the journalism class, the whole class was welcoming and they even included me in their discussions. Philosophy was a bigger class so it gave me the opportunity to observe a less interactive course. During the week I also had the chance to meet another student with whom I share interests. The entire experience was very well organized and flexible.
– Alex Zannier

I was picking my classes for 11th grade and my orientation teacher saw that Journalism was one of the subjects that I was looking up and so she told me that during the March Break the University of Sudbury was letting people sign up to observe classes. I signed up that night. I really enjoyed this experience! It really showed me what to expect and how the classes are.
– Danielle Lebrun

What made me register for the experience a class event was to get some sense on what University is like. The experience at this school was awesome! I loved the part where I got to sit with the students and see university through their eyes.
– Cadence Groulx

I love having any opportunity to learn or experience new things, especially in the academic context. I enjoy attending events and activities that promote a pursuit of further knowledge, and gaining new insights and new interests. The specific classes that were available to experience fell in line with a strong interest of mine, philosophy.
– Evelyn Leblanc

I have a strong interest in Philosophy and this opportunity was too good to pass up. The experience was very informative. I loved how interactive it was.
– Pierre Rivard
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