Mary Ann Corbiere - Associate Professor

Tel.: 705-673-5661 ext. 226

  • B.Sc. York University
  • M.B.A., Laurentian University
  • Ph.D. in Theory & Policy in Education, University of Toronto
Areas of Specialization
  • Nishnaabemwin, Ojibwe language, Native Education
Courses taught
  • INDG 1016 Introductory Nishnaabemwin A
  • INDG 1017 Introductory Nishnaabemwin B
  • INDG 1116 Foundations of Aboriginal Peoplehood
  • INDG 1117 Implications of Aboriginal Peoplehood
  • INDG 2516 Intermediate Nishnaabemwin A
  • INDG 2517 Intermediate Nishnaabemwin B
  • INDG 3316 Intermediate Nishnaabemwin C
Current Research Projects
  • The Nishnaabemwin Dictionary
Recent Publications
  • 2015 Naokwegijig-Corbiere, M. (in press). Our words, they are a-changin. In A. Corbiere, M. Naokwegijig- Corbiere, D. McGregor & C. Migwans (Eds.), Proceedings of Anishinaabewin Naanan: Four rising winds 2014. M’Chigeeng, ON: Ojibwe Cultural Foundation.
  • 2013 “How do /ni/, /taa/, /se/ and /shi/ alter meanings of Nishnaabe-kidwinan?” In A. Corbiere, M. Naokwegijig-Corbiere, D. McGregor & C. Migwans (Eds.), Proceedings of Anishinaabewin Niiwin: Four rising winds 2013 (pp. 131-140). M’Chigeeng, ON: Ojibwe Cultural Foundation.
  • 2012 “‘Aaniish go naa gaa-nendmaanh!?’ Compiling an Anishnaabemwin dictionary” In A. Corbiere, D. McGregor & C. Migwans (Eds.), Proceedings of Anishinaabewin Niizh: Culture movements, critical Moments 2011 (pp. 68-78). M’Chigeeng, ON: Ojibwe Cultural Foundation.
  • 2008 “Flying blind over strange terrain, or Ezhi-mkoshnang kweji-aan’kinoosjigeng: Issues in English-Nishnaabemwin translation,” eds. K.S. Hele & R. Darnell, Papers of the 39th Algonquian Conference, (London: University of Western Ontario); pp. 518-530.
  • 2007 Daphne OdjigMizni'biiganan: (Translation of: The Drawings and Paintings of Daphne Odjig: A Retrospective Exhibition) Ottawa: National Gallery of Canada.
  • 2005 Aboriginal higher education in Ontario, Canada, Proceedings of the World Indigenous Conference in Education, Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • January 1998: with Schell, B. "Values, self-esteem and perceptual factors associated with positive business management (BMA) attitudes in Native college and university students," Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship, vol. 15, no. 1
  • 1996: "Women of Quiet Strength" in Changing Lives: Women in Northern Ontario (Toronto: Dundurn Press)