Message from Ron Perron s.j.

One must note that spiritual services differ from religious services, not in opposition, but in complementarity. We begin from a common heritage: the universe, Earth, evolution, history, the phenomenon of religion, the human being, intelligent and free, responsible for his future, capable of love. The questions are common: where do I come from, where am I going, what is the meaning of life and death? who is this Jesus of Nazareth? The answers differ depending on whether I restrict myself to the scientific method, or remain open to a complementary interpretation of mysterious phenomena and of the experience within myself, according to the discernment of spirits.

Everyone seeks a meaning, in art, in communion with nature, in friends which support us, in the religious experience, etc. The whole of these is likely to contribute to a greater satisfaction in life.

In daily life, some moments are marked by stress, confusion, the questioning of one’s beliefs, and sometimes even depression, addiction, and dysfunctional behaviours. Sometimes, we simply need to recount our past, and have someone help us understand our journey.

Know that we are there to discuss questions which concern you and to aid you in your search for meaning and answers. It would be a privilege to help you formulate your plans for the future.

I also would like to invite you to participate in the activities sponsored by the Spiritual Life Committee and the parish of St-Ignatius.

-Ronald Perron, s.j.
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