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Visite du Honorable Melanie Joly Oct2017Friday, October 13th, the University of Sudbury’s Labo médias was visited by the Honourable Mélanie Joly during her time in Sudbury. The Minister for Canadian Heritage was accompanied for the occasion by both members of parliament for Greater Sudbury, Paul Lefebvre (Sudbury) and Marc Serré (Nickel Belt).

The minister and members of parliament were able to take a look at the audiovisual equipment, to get a sense of the potential of the Labo médias, and chat with staff, faculty and students from the journalism program.

The Labo médias, officially inaugurated on September 20th 2017, was made possible by funding received from both the federal and provincial governments. The cutting-edge equipment now available will allow for a significantly enhanced experience for students in the journalism program and contribute to the training of home-grown artisans of media arts in our community.

Minister Joly was impressed with the lab, its goals and wide potential. She spoke about the importance of training and retaining local youths, especially in a minority language, for the future of the field of communications and journalism.

“We are very enthusiastic to see the result of this important investment. The Labo médias will quickly become an important resource for the development of our community and for Sudbury’s youth. It is an important step forward for our community,” said Sudbury MP Paul Lefebvre.

 Visite du Honorable Melanie Joly Oct2017.2
From left to right: Félix Hallée-Théoret, Coordinator, Labo médias; Mélanie Joly, Minister for Canadian Heritage; M.P. Paul Lefebvre; and M.P.P Marc Serré

About the Labo médias
The Labo médias, located on the 2nd floor of the University of Sudbury, is a gathering place, where one can thrive and create freely in a learning environment. It allows students with an interest in communications to acquire valuable practical experience during their studies. The lab contains three main zones: one for audio and radio; one for video and television; and one with work stations for drafting, editing, brainstorming, etc. The room is primarily used by students enrolled in Études journalistiques, the University’s French-language journalism program, part of the Culture et communication department. However, the creation of partnerships with other groups on campus and within the community will allow for a wider use.