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A new logo and visual identity for the University of Sudbury

At 10 am today, Monday, October 22nd, 2018, the University of Sudbury proudly revealed its new visual identity!

Fall is a time of change, and the University of Sudbury is pleased to announce the evolution of its brand and logo, which comes after numerous reflections and consultations.


The new logo features a flame, reminiscent of the University’s motto, “A flame of glowing radiance”. The element of fire is symbolic of the inner light and passion within each of us. The power of fire helps forge strength, will and determination. It is a source of creativity and individuality. It is universally sacred, and notably of great importance within Indigenous and Jesuit (Ignatian) beliefs. Like a torch or lighthouse, the central fire illuminates and guides the way. The three flames are representative of the three languages (English, French, Anishnaabemowin) and also symbolize the layers of humanity (mind, body, spirit). They are also reminiscent of the Holy Trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). Flowing together as one, they also stand for unity and working together, much like professors, students and all other University members. The three sizes denote diversity. The white space between the flames is also suggestive of the letter “S” for Sudbury.

As for the colours used, the first vivid shade of red denotes energy, importance, prosperity, happiness and passion. The second deeper shade of red represents profundity, history and wisdom. The gray signifies strength of character, stability, security, and is representative of Sudbury’s mines and rocks. It is grounding, balanced, practical and timeless. Like the ancestral rocks, the University is the foundation and will continue to support and thrive.

The institution is not losing sight of its old logo, since the crest will continue to be used as an emblem in certain official contexts, such as honourary doctorates. The complete description of the new logo can be found HERE, and the description of the emblem can be found HERE.

Thank you to all those who took part in the process and the event, and we hope you all enjoy our new unifying symbol!

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 Team members proudly posing with their new logo
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 Unveiling Revealed!
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