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Students selected for the Normand Forest Leadership Program

On Tuesday, November 20, 2018, the very first students selected for the Normand Forest Leadership Program gathered for their first meeting, and received their first cheque for the scholarship portion of the program.

In September, applications were collected for the 1st edition of the Normand Forest Leadership Program (2018-2019). The following students were selected:
• Cassidy Bilash
• Michelle Hanna
• Sierra Peskett
• Jordon Williams

The aim of the program is to form a group of undergraduate students that will take on a leadership role and help shape the student experience at the University of Sudbury. Students will meet monthly to discuss programming and activities, participate in university governance, engage in professional and leadership development training as well as networking opportunities.

As they learn about governance, students involved in this program will also be tasked with advising the President and Vice-Chancellor on a variety of topics, discuss current issues at the university and provide feedback and opinions reflective of the student body in order to enhance their educational and social experiences while at the University of Sudbury.

The selected students also receive an associated scholarship of $1,500 to help finance their studies.

Congratulations to all those who were selected! We look forward to working with this group of students to further enhance the University of Sudbury experience!

2018 11 20 Normand Forest Leadership Program 
From left: Jordon Williams, Sierra Peskett and Cassidy Bilash with Dr. Sophie
Bouffard, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sudbury.

(Note: Michelle Hanna does not appear on this photo.)
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