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Discussions continued at the Robinson Huron Treaty Post-Decision Panel

The University of Sudbury hosted the Robinson Huron Treaty (RHT) Post-Decision Panel on Monday, February 11, 2019. “The first panel we held in October 2018 as a background discussion about the case was so successful, we decided to host a follow up discussion after the decision was made in the annuity case on December 21, 2018,” said Sarah Rice, Director of the Indigenous Portfolio. “The University of Sudbury feels it is important to create space for these discussions for our students and the community.”

The Panel was moderated by Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice (Associate Professor, Indigenous Studies Department, University of Sudbury), and was comprised of four well-respected guest speakers. Three of the speakers were returning, after the last panel: Elder Art Petahtegoose, a member of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and a retired professor, who specializes in Anishnawbek culture; the Honourable Stephen O’Neill who has dedicated his career to working as a judge in Northern Ontario and to working in private practice for First Nations; and Mike Restoule, a citizen of Nipissing First Nation, who served on the Nipissing First Nation Council for 17 years and is currently the Chair of the Robinson Huron Treaty Litigation Trust Fund, having been appointed by the members of the Trust in 2010. Gimaa Valerie Richer, Chief of the Atikameksheng Anishnabek, and with a background in law, governance and human rights, was also invited to contribute to the post-decision panel.

The RHT Post-Decision Panel was very well attended with over 70 people in attendance in addition to many joining via live stream. The University of Sudbury will continue to follow the annuity case, the appeal process and gauge the interest of students and the community for future events relating to the Robinson Huron Treaty. Follow us on social media to stay tuned!

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Left to right: Gimaa Valerie Richer, Honourable
Stephen O’Neill, Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice, Mike
Restoule and Elder Art Petahtegoose

Click the video below to view more of the panel discussion.

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