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Earth Day 2019

On Tuesday, April 16 and Wednesday, April 17, 2019, the University of Sudbury welcomed approximately 200 students from several Greater Sudbury secondary schools to celebrate Earth Day and take part in a variety of workshops related to our environment and planet. This was the 8th year for this event, and it was another great success!


The Future of Farming in Ontario: Students covered four main themes of climate change: water availability, food safety, and advancements in agriculture. Dr. Jorge Virchez and Léo Larivière, two professors from Laurentian University’s geography department led this workshop.

What is your Ecological Footprint?: Every one of us has an ecological footprint. We all tread on the world; pressing down on it by the way we live. Some of us tread on the world heavily and leave a large footprint. Some of us tread on the world lightly and leave a small footprint. Students took a quiz to find out how big their footprint is, and considered ways to tiptoe more lightly. Facilitators Daniela and Mariane from Lake Laurentian had students participate in an active Greenhouse Gas Role-Playing Game that represents how the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature change based on the presence of various greenhouse gases and see how this connects back to their ecological footprint.

The Sudbury Story: Four Decades of Regreening: Sudbury has undergone a truly spectacular environmental transformation, with much of our once infamous, desolate “moonscape” left barren by decades of industrial activity, now largely carpeted in green and populated by trees. How did this happen? What does the Sudbury Regreening Program look like today? This workshop investigated these questions and more! It was followed by an activity exploring local biodiversity and what can be learned by taking a closer look at our forests. This workshop was facilitated by Cassieanna Krane from Conservation Sudbury.

Testing Our Soils: How have mining activities changed our soil, water and air? What does an environmental scientist do to monitor and restore the health of our environment? Students were able to use tools and hands-on techniques to test the composition and environmental quality of soils and mining tailings. Tobias Roth, Geoscience Technologist and Instructor at Laurentian University, facilitated this workshop.

Creeks, Critters & Conservation: During this workshop about Junction Creek, students learned about the importance of watersheds and the wildlife that call it home, the history and issues it faces, restoration efforts, environmental stewardship and creek-friendly practices. They gained knowledge and learned the tools needed to create positive changes in their local environment and community, empowering them to be the next generation of creek stewards for the long-term conservation of Greater Sudbury's valued urban waterway. This workshop was presented by Brandon and Ali of the Junction Creek Stewardship Committee.

Thanks again to all those that contributed to the success of this fun and educational day!

DSC 0801  DSC 0764 

Students participating in the Testing Our Soils workshop


The Creeks, Critters & Conservation workshop
DSC 0741 DSC 0783
The Greenhouse Gas Role-Playing Game from the "What is your
Ecological Footprint?" workshop
Students soaking in the knowledge about The Future of
Farming in Ontario
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