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Normand Forest Leadership Program (with $1,500 scholarship)

2nd edition: 2019-2020
Application deadline: September 30th, 2019
Associated scholarship: $1,500

Be a leader, have an impact… and help finance your studies!

In addition to receiving a scholarship, students selected for the Normand Forest Leadership Program will form a group of undergraduate students that will take on a leadership role and help shape the student experience at the University of Sudbury. 

Sample activities:
-Workshops on governance
-Discussion forums on student experience, programming, institutional policies, various initiatives, etc.
-Participation in various Senate and Board of Regents committees, thus the possibility to play a key role in the governance of the institution and have an impact
-Professional networking opportunities

In order to qualify for the program, applicants must:
• Be enrolled in 6 credits or more at the University of Sudbury or residing in its Residence
• Fill out and submit the application or be recommended by a professor or administrator of the University

Be sure to check THIS PAGE for more information, including the application form.

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