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Festive Dinner for International Students a Huge Success

On December 26th, 2019, the University of Sudbury Residence and Laurentian University International collaboratively hosted a holiday dinner for international students who live on and off campus. The event was held in Canisus Hall, situated at the University of Sudbury, which was decorated for the occasion. Initially, the organizing committee only expected a total of 24 students however that number quickly jumped to 81 as word spread across campus. In the end, all of the 96 table settings were necessary! Students from all backgrounds were able to enjoy a varied home cooked meal, win prizes, play board games, socialize and even enjoy candy cane cotton candy, in a festive and welcoming setting. 

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Saboohi Omar, an international student at Laurentian University, shares that “it's hard being away from my family and friends in Dubai, but you helped make this first year away from home a bit easier for me. Thank you so much for sharing the joy of the season with me.”
Mohammed El Mendri
 Mohammed El-Mendri, a student from Morocco currently residing in the UofS Residence, shared his impressions. “It was just amazing to see that many students from different nationalities, origins  and cultures in the same room. I think this kind of event lets us be closer to each other, to learn more from each other, but also to fortify the relationship with those that we already know.” He continues: “For me it was a unique experience, ‘cause it’s my first year in Canada. (...) I believe that the University of Sudbury tries to create a family environment for us as an international community. Thanks to all those who participated to make it memorable.”
Gisèle Raymond, University of Sudbury Residence Life Director, shared a similar impression, adding that “it was amazing. I met so many new people, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them smile and have fun together. It was really nice to (...) provide a family atmosphere for everyone. We strive to provide this in our residence as well.”
This community event would not have been possible without the support and assistance from Amelia Bow, Jenifer Bow, Erika Kadar, Gisèle Raymond, Mohammed El-Mendri, Yerkebulan Sapakov, and the other dedicated volunteers. Due to its the huge success , the UofS Residence and Laurentian International have already begun planning for next year’s event, with the date being set for December 27th, 2020. 
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