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Generous donations help feed students in the University of Sudbury Residence

Although we are facing difficult circumstances, we are also seeing a great deal of generosity and compassion. 

Approximately 30 students who cannot return home remain in the University of Sudbury Residence, consisting mainly of international students. With the current situation and closures on campus, access and means to meals was the biggest challenge. Many individuals and groups have come forward wanting to help and ensure they are well taken care of. 

We are pleased to announce that on Friday April 3rd, the University of Sudbury Residence received a very generous donation of 800 lbs of non-perishables and produce, organised by the Intercity Home Food Bank here in Sudbury. This was made possible due to a generous monetary donation from the local Knights of Columbus. There is enough food for the residents to enjoy for a month, with a weekly donation of perishable foods to follow. Some of the April 3rd donations University of Sudbury employees and general community members have also graciously donated more than $1,500.00 over the past couple weeks, to go towards student food vouchers for nearby grocery stores. In addition to this, the University of Sudbury Board of Regents collaborated with Regency Bakery to deliver meals this week, ensuring to take into account health and dietary restrictions. To date, $1,500.00 has been contributed to provide prepared meals to the students. These will be stored in the residence freezers, and will keep student fed for the foreseeable future. We thank all employees and community members who gave so generously, the Board of Regents for their contribution of $1000, and Regency Bakery for providing an extra $500 worth of product. 

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“The residents and I are very conscious and appreciative of the generosity shown by the Sudbury community,” states Gisèle Raymond, Residence Life Director. “We would like to thank all of those involved; from providing donations, to packing the foods, to delivering to our residence. It will be our goal, the mission of the residents, to give back to the community.” 

The University of Sudbury would also like to thank Gisèle Raymond and Pierre Brideau (Facilities and Security Manager) for their continued support on campus in ensuring our residents have a safe place to call home in these times, as well as France Dion and Robert Lachance, members of Pierre’s team who play a key role in keeping the facilities clean. We are thankful for the efforts of all staff, faculty and university community members who are adjusting to new realities and work routines, but safely ensuring the continuation of our services and the well-being of our students.

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