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Activities ensure morale in Residence

 2020 05 card send outs residenceAs we all try to navigate through these difficult times, ensuring our students are getting the support they need has been a priority. As such, we just wanted to share with you some of the creative initiatives that have taken place, for our students left in Residence. 

 To help spread some cheer, students have been given goodie bags with treats, vouchers and inspiring messages. They have also been given the opportunity to send handwritten cards, at no cost to them, to loved ones back home - no matter where that might be. Cards have been provided and all mailing logistics have been taken care of.

 This past weekend, students showed community spirit and helped bring joy to a mother still living in residence whose two children are back home in China. The students surprised her with warm messages and left decorations on her door to help make this year’s Mother’s Day a little easier.
2020 05 10 Juns room door Residence

 With all social distancing measures and precautions in place, students have recently been able to take part in weekly dinners and movie nights. It is a different experience from the norm, but a welcomed one, nonetheless. Lastly, as it warms up for the long weekend, the Residence Assistants hope to start prepping the small garden outside for use in the coming weeks. 

 We want to thank Gisele Raymond, Residence Life Director, who has facilitated these activities and continues to provide support on-site, along with all staff dedicated to the well-being of students and making sure they feel at home and comfortable during this time. Thank you again for all your efforts.

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