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Journalist Martine Laberge invited to speak in an introductory communications course


Photo de Venant Nshimyumurwa, auteur et etudiant du programme d'etudes journalistiques 

An article written by Venant Nshimyumurwa,
a student of our Études journalistiques (journalism) program



Capture d'écran de la classe d'Études journalistiques sur Zoom avec invitée spéciale Martine Laberge. On y voit les étudiants, la professeure et Martine.

“During my career as a journalist, I am pleased to have amplified the voices that needed to be heard,” declared Martine Laberge on November 5th, 2020, to a University of Sudbury (U of S) introductory communications class that she had been invited to share her experience with.

Currently host of  “Le Matin du Nord”, a morning show by ICI RADIO-CANADA PREMIÈRE, Martine Laberge quenched the curiosity of students taking the Études journalisques program, the French-language journalism program at the U of S. She highlighted the perpetual learning in journalism: “In this career, we always learn. We don’t focus on one single domain; we touch on everything. We have a broad view on what happens every day,” she shared.

The journalist, who now has approximately twenty years’ experience in the profession, explained that at the very beginning, she worked for various radio stations in big Ontario cities (Toronto and Ottawa). Eventually, she seeked a return to Northern Ontario, especially being compelled to address social injustices, by giving a voice to those who often weren’t heard. “I knew there were a number of problems in Northern Ontario. Indigenous communities far from cities, inaccessible, were facing problems relating to lack of adequate infrastructure and regular flooding. We had to address this social injustice, we had to amplify voices.” She then shared her experience with field visits in Tikinigan.

Answering student questions, Ms Laberge spoke of many things including the qualities a journalist must have and the challenges of the profession, notably difficulty accessing information and “fake news”.

During the exchanges including complementary explanations by sessional instructor Marie-Josée Charrier, the students showed great interest. Ms Laberge offered a closing thought: “Given our multicultural society, the challenge of a future journalist is to ensure representation of all facets of society within media.”

An article written (in French) by:

Venant Nshimyumurwa
Student in the Études journalistiques program

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