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Some recent activities in Residence

To keep good morale and maintain the strong sense of community and student life in the University of Sudbury (U of S) Residence, many safe activities have been planned these past months. Amongst these:

For Thanksgiving, students from the U of S Residence safely shared a traditional supper, to celebrate the occasion. The residence community is tightly knit, so it was natural for these students to share a meal with their second family – especially since travel was not encouraged for public health reasons. Taking all necessary precautions, Mohammed El-Mendri, Francophone VP of the student council, along with other students, prepared the turkey, side dishes and the room. Even with a distance between everyone, a closeness and warmth were felt, and the occasion was appreciated. The President of the U of S, Father Meehan, also joined the occasion and played piano, with a student chiming in for vocals. According to Mohammed, who is also an international student from Morocco, this was “a very lovely experience for all these people who could share the tradition despite the circumstances, and especially, a unique event for others who were celebrating Thanksgiving for the first time in their lives.” Given this occasion of thanks, in particular, we wish to thank those who made that possible, and those that made choices for the health and safety of all.

Students have also enjoyed many other activities, in line with public health directives, such as: a day at the campus beach; a stroll in the nature paths right next to the residence; a Garden of Peace restoration event; barbecues; and a movie night, projected outdoors. During the reading week, amongst other times, short soccer matches were also organized in the mornings, to start each day on the right foot and help with concentration for the rest of the day.

In addition, small anti-stress colouring books were recently created for distribution to residents.  

“I find it precious to have such events organized within the residence, with the goal of looking after the individual well-being of each resident, in the context of this special school year,” shares again Mohammed El Mendri, pictured below.

All these activities were organized with the exceptional collaboration of the Residence Director and staff, and the support of the Spiritual Services office at the University of Sudbury. Even with the challenges of the pandemic, less students in residence, a small student council, etc., we thank all those that ensure another great year and student experience, with safety in mind.


Mohammed El Mendri carving the Thanksgiving turkey for the dinner held in the U of S Residence   Cover page of the stress relief colouring book, with Residence logo  Shot of outdoor projected movie at the Residence, with people sitting spaced out on the lawn

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