Earth Day 2017

On Thursday, April 20th and Friday, April 21st, 2017, the University of Sudbury welcomed approximately 140 students from four local high schools to celebrate Earth Day and participate in a variety of interactive workshops all relating to the Earth:

“Turtle Time!” offered by Christine Baptista, founder of Critical Critters - Students learned all about the world of turtles: what makes them so unique, their ecological requirements, human impacts on turtle sustainability, and what to do if they ever see a turtle in the wild. Students also had the opportunity to interact with Mona Lisa, Critical Critters live spokes-turtle.

“Where Will You Stand on Climate Change?” offered by Dr. David Robinson, Associate Professor at Laurentian University - Through this interactive workshop, students learned about the issues, links and mechanisms leading to climate change and what actions they can take to counteract its effects.

“The Future of Farming in Ontario” offered by Dr. Jorge Virchez and Léo Larivière, professors of Geography at Laurentian University – This workshop covered four main themes of climate change: water availability, food safety, and advancements in agriculture.

“What is your Ecological Footprint?” offered by Daniella and Marianne from Lake Laurentian Conservation Area – Students took a quiz to find out how big their ecological footprint is, and explored ways to “tiptoe” more lightly. Students also participated in an active Greenhouse Gas Role-Playing Game that represents how the Earth’s atmosphere and temperature change based on the presence of various greenhouse gases. This workshop allowed them to make connections between their own “ecological footprint” and their influences on the Earth’s Atmosphere.

“Testing the Health of Our Soils” offered by Tobias Roth, Geoscience Technologist and Instructor at Laurentian University - In this workshop the students learned how mining activities have changed our soil, water and air; as well as what an environmental scientist does to monitor and restore the health of our environment. Students used hands-on techniques and tools to test the composition and environmental quality of soils and mine tailings.

“Eco-Champions Challenge” offered by by Dr. Yovita Gwekerere, Assistant Professor at the School of Education, Laurentian University - This workshop explored global environmental challenges currently confronting planet earth and provided an opportunity for students to critically question lifestyle choices and habits that have led to the current environmental challenges.

Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this day a success!

Earth Day 2017 Lasalle S
Students from Lasalle Secondary School
      Earth Day 2017 Chelmsford Valley District Composite School
Students from Chelmsford Valley District Composite School
Earth Day 2017 E.S. du Sacre Coeur
Students from École secondaire du Sacré-Cœur
  Earth Day 2017 College Notre Dame
Students from Collège Notre-Dame

Check out our Facebook album to see the students in action during the workshops!
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