Professor Spotlight: Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice

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Featured Achievement

For the past 3 years, Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice has been the Regional Lead for the north-east region of Ontario, working on a national study on best practices in Indigenous Education. This collaboration with the First Nations University of Canada and the National Centre for Collaboration in Indigenous Education (NCCIE) highlights innovative and exciting examples of Indigenous education from across the country; connecting communities, leaders, parents, educators, Elders, Knowledge holders, practitioners, policy makers and researchers to support efforts in reconciliation for all Canadians.

To date, Kevin and his team have conducted over 60 video/audio interviews from across north eastern Ontario on a wide range of topics, which can all be found at the NCCIE website ( Currently, they are in the process of finalizing two documentaries: one on St David Catholic School and the other on the White Buffalo Road Healing Lodge. Fantastic work, Dr. Fitzmaurice!


Who is Kevin?

Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice has been a faculty member at the University of Sudbury since 2006, where he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Indigenous Studies. He is also an Associate Director at the Centre for Research in Social Justice and Policy at Laurentian University.  Currently, he is involved in a handful of on-going community research and publication projects in relation to urban Indigenous governance nationally and homelessness in Ontario. His areas of specialization include; Indigenous-Settler Political Relations, urban Indigenous Studies and housing and homelessness.  

Learn more about Dr. Fitzmaurice by viewing his faculty page found here.


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