Professor Spotlight: Dr. Rachel Haliburton

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Featured Achievement

Early in April 2020, Dr. Rachel Haliburton sent off her manuscript for the third edition of Bioethics in Canada: A Philosophical Introduction, co-written with Dr. Carol Collier, a retired philosophy professor from the University of Sudbury. The third edition is expected to be released early next year. You can find the previous edition of the book here. Congratulations, Dr. Haliburton!

Who is Rachel?

Dr. Rachel Haliburton has been a faculty member at the University of Sudbury (U of S) since 1993. She is a Full Professor, and currently Chair of the Department of Philosophy at the U of S. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Rachel Haliburton has been on numerous committees and boards across the Greater City of Sudbury, showing great community involvement. Presently, she is serving as a member on the Ethics Committee at Health Sciences North. Her areas of specialization include Bioethics and Modern Philosophy. 

Learn more about Dr. Haliburton by viewing her faculty page found here.

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