Success of the virtual launch for Dr. Daniela Moisa's recent publication

On Thursday, October 22nd, 2020, at noon, the University of Sudbury proudly held a virtual launch for the recent publication by Dr. Daniela Moisa, “La maison de la réussite. Dynamiques spatiales et mobilités socioéconomiques au village de Certeze, Roumanie”, which is part of the “Patrimoine en mouvement” (Heritage in motion) collection with "Presses de l’Université Laval".

A number of guests tuned in to celebrate this book that was published in June, 2020 and that was a result of Dr. Moisa’s defended doctoral thesis. The publication takes a look at Certeze, a prestigious village in the outskirts of Romania, also known as “Little Paris” or “Little Dallas”. In a nutshell, it discusses its inhabitants, always going back-and-forth between their homes and workplaces located at the four corners of the world, and the rivalry amongst themselves as they hope to build the house of their dreams, inspired by the different countries in which they’ve lived. It discusses their quests for perfecting or redefining themselves, as well as mobility, the geo-economic redefinition of societies, migration and much more.

As for the author, Dr. Daniela Moisa is at the University of Sudbury since 2017. She is an Assistant Professor in ethnology and Chair of the Department of “Culture et communication”. She holds a Ph.D.  in ethnology and heritage. She specializes in migration, cultural diversity and identity dynamics. She has conducted and continues to conduct research projects in anthropology in North America and in Europe on many themes, including cultures and success in the context of migration, religion and migration, heritage and diversity. Presently, she is interested in the tiny-house movement and its impact on social inequalities in Ontario and Québec; and in heritage as a method of creating social links in the context of diversity, in Ontario. Since she has begun teaching at the University of Sudbury, she is also interested in the pedagogical and ethical issues of experiential learning in postsecondary institutions with ethnology, social sciences, and socio-human science programs.

All interested parties can purchase the book by clicking here, and can obtain a 20% discount by entering this promo code: 4083MAIS20.

Congratulations, Dr. Moisa!

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