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Message to our community re: Laurentian Federation termination and UofS Spring courses

As seen in its message sent on Thursday, April 1, 2021, Laurentian University has decided to terminate its agreements with the other Laurentian Federation universities, including the University of Sudbury, in the context of its financial crisis.

As of April 30, 2021, Laurentian will no longer accept courses taught by the University of Sudbury as counting toward a Laurentian degree. Note that courses currently underway will still count, as well as those that were previously completed.

Unfortunately, due to this decision, we will be unable to teach courses during the Spring semester. The University of Sudbury Spring courses that were planned will be cancelled.

As stated by Laurentian, any current students with questions about their program should reach out directly to the dean of their faculty. All University of Sudbury programs fall under the Faculty of Arts, for which the dean is Dr. Joël Dickinson.
Laurentian applicants applying to programs administered by the federated universities can reach out to Liaison Services:

This is regrettable news, but know that we are doing what we can to mitigate the impacts this decision will have on our university community.

We will continue to inform you of new developments or updates. Please take care of your well-being in this challenging time.

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