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Overview of recent happenings and current status for U of S

Due to the continually evolving nature of the current situation, note that this page was last updated on: June 4, 2021


Hello / Bonjour / Aaniin,

Below is an overview and update at this time, since much has happened on campus in the last months.

Contextual overview

The University of Sudbury (U of S) has always been a separate legal entity, but was also a founding partner of the Laurentian Federation – and so was linked to Laurentian University (LU) until recently. U of S courses were accredited towards a Laurentian University degree.

In the context of the Laurentian University financial crisis, LU ended its agreement with the University of Sudbury as well as Huntington and Thorneloe universities, which were also members of the Federation. The Laurentian Federation was unfortunately terminated; this was confirmed on May 2nd, 2021.


As such, the U of S is not able to offer courses currently, and is navigating a period of change and restructuring.

Despite the challenges, the University of Sudbury does not intend to close. Its usual operations will however be suspended as of July 1st, 2021.

The University of Sudbury Residence will also not be open for the summer or the 2021-2022 academic year, but we hope it can be reopened in a near future.

The U of S is discerning what its activities might be following this period of transition.

Efforts and possibilities

The University of Sudbury has two charters and has offered one charter to the Francophone community and one charter to Indigenous communities, to enable the development of education by, for and with each of these communities. The U of S has long-standing close links with both of these communities.

Further details on this can be seen on our website (news section). Significant efforts and discussions are ongoing with both communities and updates will be shared when possible, in due time.


Donations made to the University of Sudbury are still safe; we use separate accounts and ensure the reserving of funds. We will continue to honour the intentions and wishes of donors for the utilisation of funds.

We are currently evaluating this portfolio and the different possibilities that would allow us to continue offering bursaries and scholarships after our restructuring, while ensuring respect of their intentions and purposes. We will contact donors for any needs or questions that may arise.

Reflections and looking ahead

As you may know, the University of Sudbury has a long and rich history, and deep roots:

  • Was the first - and for many years the only - post-secondary institution in Northeastern Ontario
    • Founded by the Jesuits in 1913, as the Collège du Sacré-Coeur which trained generations of Francophone leaders
  • The U of S is the site of the first Franco-Ontarian flag raising on Sept 25, 1975
  • One of first Indigenous Studies programs in Canada was created at the U of S, in 1975

We look forward to a new chapter with many possibilities, to respond to the needs of our communities.

We continue to call on our communities for guidance and support. You are invited to contact us for any ideas, questions or support, at We appreciate all our ambassadors, donors, stakeholders and friends.

Stay tuned for updates in this continued period of new developments.


Our thanks for your trust and support.

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