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Engaged Learning Program at the University of Sudbury

The Engaged Learning Program at the University of Sudbury provides a platform for experiential learning as an option to students enrolled in select courses in Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies and Culture and Communication. Students involved in the Program will be able to serve and contribute to the life of various communities the University is connected to. Real-life experiences within these communities are employed as a learning resource within the classroom, alongside readings, lectures, discussions, or labs.

The student’s placement with appropriate community organizations is coordinated by Carmen Bertrand of our Spiritual Services. Students are paired up with specific communities where their engagement will be guided by the community and its needs. They will follow the directives of the contact person at the organization. Course requirements vary by class, but generally 20 hours of engagement is expected in conjunction with a reflexive classroom work. Please contact individual professors for more detail.

Engaged Learning opportunities are also available to every student interested in finding volunteer opportunities to enrich their university experience. The Office of Spiritual Services has a growing list of community organizations in Greater Sudbury that seek the service of volunteers. The Coordinator of Spiritual Services will help you find the organization that matches your vision of serving your larger community.

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Contact-person: Carmen Bertrand

Click here to see the Spiritual Services page.

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