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University of Sudbury Virtual Tour

Unable to visit the University of Sudbury in person for a tour? No problem!

Here is a virtual tour of the University of Sudbury grounds and buildings, within the Laurentian Federation campus.


For optimal navigation, click the full-screen button at the bottom.

Image identifying the full screen button seen on the tour

Click the flames to move around, and be sure to click the other icons to reveal photos, videos and info! Use the top-left menu to acess different floors or directly jump to points of interest. The language can also be changed.

Happy exploration! 

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For more information useful to future students, click HERE!


The University of Sudbury defines itself by its bilingual and tri-cultural tradition, its Jesuit heritage and its long-standing dedication to promoting the culture and traditions of Indigenous peoples. 

Nminaadenmaanaanik maanda e-dakiimjik: N'Sawaakmok te maanda kinoomaagegamik; na'ii enji-zhin'kaadek maanpii N'sawaakmok, nsing zhi-maajiimak miiknan. Robinson-Huron Treaty ki maanda sa zhanda endzhi-kinoomaagziying, endzhi-nakiiying, miinwaa endnakiiying.  Atikameksheng Anishnawbek miinwaa Wahnapitae First Nation pane maanpii bi-dnakiijik. Gchi-piitendamook gonda University of Sudbury enaangoomaawaat Nishnaaben, gbeyiing gewii nanda bi-wiijnakiimaawaat. Metiinyik gewe nminaadenmaanaanik wi gewe gewiinwaa baadoowaat nminaadendaanaa.

Acknowledgement: Our institution is located in Sudbury, also known as N’Swakamok in Anishnabemowin, meaning “Where the three roads meet”. This land on which we learn, work and live is in the Robinson-Huron Treaty territory. We are located on the traditional lands of the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and the Wahnapitae First Nation, and the University of Sudbury is proud of its relationship and long history with the Anishnaabeg. We would also like to recognize the presence and important contributions of Métis peoples in the community and on this land.


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