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RLST - Program options

Courses are divided into 4 areas of study: "Biblical Studies", "Western Religions", "World Religions", "Religion and Culture". Students in Religious Studies (specialists, majors, concentrations) must complete 6 cr in 3 of the 4 areas. The following categorizes each course into the appropriate area.
Area 1 - Biblical Studies
All courses in this area feature biblical and related ancient literature as the primary focus of study.
RLST 2105E RLST 2106E RLST 2107E RLST 2146E RLST 2186E
RLST 2187E RLST 2196E RLST 3126E RLST 3127E RLST 3136E
RLST 3137E RLST 3156E RLST 3157E RLST 3166E RLST 4116E
RLST 4117E        
Area 2 - Western Religions
These courses focus on religious themes or traditions that have been highly influential in shaping "western" intellectual traditions and institutions.
RLST 2115E RLST 2136E RLST 2137E RLST 2166E RLST 2167E
RLST 2227E RLST 2256E RLST 2267E RLST 2297E RLST 2446E
RLST 2447E RLST 2707E RLST 3106E RLST 3107E RLST 3142E
RLST 3176E RLST 3177E RLST 3196E RLST 3197E RLST 3135E
RLST 3235E RLST 3426E RLST 3706E RLST 3707E RLST 4135E
Area 3 - World Religions
Courses in this area focus either on a single world religion, the comparative study of world religions, or on a theme studies comparatively across a spectrum of world religions.
RLST 2176E RLST 2205E  RLST 2216E RLST 2226E
RLST 2236E
RLST 2237E RLST 2245E RLST 2266E
RLST 2276E
RLST 2277E
RLST 2286E
RLST 2296E
RLST 2505E RLST 2701E
RLST 2702E
RLST 2706E RLST 3146E RLST 3215E RLST 3245E RLST 3277E
RLST 3315E RLST 3396E
RLST 3397E
RLST 3476E RLST 3505E
        RLST 4225E
Area 4 - Religion and Culture
This area features courses that focus on the interactions between religions and culture, both historically and in the present day.
ENGL 2616E  RLST 2285E
RLST 2316E RLST 2326E RLST 2327E
RLST 2336E RLST 2337E RLST 2345E RLST 2355E RLST 2365E
RLST 2625E RLST 3131E RLST 3257E RLST 3306E RLST 3316E
RLST 3326E RLST 3327E RLST 3356E RLST 3366E RLST 3386E
RLST 3615E RLST 3696E RLST 4345E RLST 4365E