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The University of Sudbury's Ethics Center focuses on contemporary ethical issues. In acting as an information, expertise, resource and communication hub, the Centre is perpetuating the University’s ideals of increasing awareness of ethical issues amongst the public and offering support to those addressing them.

Mission Statement
The University of Sudbury’s Ethics Centre seeks to provide a forum for dialogue and the transfer of knowledge regarding contemporary ethical issues. In particular, the 4 following axis are pursued:

Issues of recognition, integration, accommodation and the fight against discrimination for linguistic, cultural, religious, and ethnic minorities, as well as for Indigenous peoples, migrants, women, homosexuals and transgender people.

National and international economic inequalities; the structure of the market and the firm; policies and measure of redistribution; the Welfare State and public services.

The new powers on life due to the progress of medicine, genetics, and prosthetics; abortion and euthanasia; ethical decisions in hospital settings; new media and virtual interactions; the massive collection of data and privacy.

The impact of human activities on our environment; pollution and global warming; our relationship and duties toward nature and animals.

Organizational Goals
The goals of the Ethics Centre are:
  • To develop a resource and information centre on contemporary ethical issues, as well as those specific to the community;
  • To promote dialogue among different social groups, communities, and institutions of the region;
  • To provide an opportunity for interested individuals to become involved in a systematic reflection on ethical issues and in practical research in response to the community's needs;
  • To create a network for communication among people of different disciplines and those engaged in ethical reflection and research;
  • To educate the public at large about ethical and social values.


Potential Collaborators
The Centre is always looking for partners and collaborators. It aims to share information and resources with community members and organizations over the long-term.  

Resources sharing would take the form of:
  • Collaboration with community organizations facing ethical challenges
  • Engagement in the public debate regarding moral questions
  • Promoting interdisciplinary research on contemporary ethical issues
  • Providing information, analysis, and clarifications regarding current ethical issues
  • Providing a space in which people can meet for discussion and action with regards to ethics

The Ethics Centre at the University of Sudbury recently created a series of podcasts, in English and French, exploring contemporary issues of ethics with specialists in the field.

Whether it is for a class assignment or for your own enjoyment, click here to check out these podcasts.

The Ethics Centre is also responsible for the ethical supervision of student research projects at the University of Sudbury.

Documents for download:
The Ethics Centre seeks to bring together a collection of resources to assist the community in responding to the ethical issues they encounter. Click the buttons below to discover resources related to ethics.

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Ethics Centre Logo
The Ethics Centre Logo was created by Paul Gomirato, PG Advertising and Design Inc., in 1998.
Its background is defined by two contrasting shades, which demonstrate the ambiguity of the human condition and the possible conflict involved in an ethical issue. The "S" crossing both areas refers to the reflection required to understand an ethical issue in all its complexity. It also identifies the University of Sudbury. Three horizontal and parallel lines form the letter "E" for Ethics and represent the idea of movement and creativity in searching for an ethical position. The colour green was chosen to symbolise serenity in the face of difficult ethical problems and hope of finding the way to personal and collective fulfilment.
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