Spiritual Services

The Office provides support, resources and a diverse approach respecting a variety of ways to question intellectually, to develop personally, to grow spiritually and to act freely, so as to discern the meaning of one’s life within the greater human community. The services offered by Spiritual Services include:
  • Personal counselling and spiritual direction
  • Group reflection and discussion
  • A friendly and nurturing space for those who need spiritual and emotional comfort

Through this service, one is able to seek out the presence of a person who is trained to listen and with whom to explore personal and spiritual matters so as to grow in one’s life.

Everyone’s human experiences are valuable and filled with meaning. By connecting with a confidential listener, one can open up his or her life, make connections, and discover a deeper meaning of what has, or is happening, in that given moment. One can learn how to discern options; seek for what is the greater good; seek for what one is to do in any given moment; seek to help unravel life experiences to achieve greater clarity; or seek to find peace at a time of hurt, loss or tragedy. We each walk this path in life uniquely, but we do not have to walk it alone.
List of spiritual centres and places of worship on campus and in Sudbury
There are other spiritual centres and places of worship on campus and in the Greater Sudbury vicinity that you can take advantage of. Click the button below to see a list of them. Note that this list will be updated as needed. Please don't hesitate to forward us any necessary changes.  

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