Lucien Matte Residence... where balance equals study, rest and play

The Lucien Matte Residence provides a "home away from home" to 180 students.  It offers the largest double rooms on campus, as well as a Healthy Living section.  Each room is equipped with cable TV services and an outlet for Internet services.

In a bilingual environment, a range of activities, services and support are provided by the Residence Life Director, the Residence Life Leaders and by the Lucien Matte Student Council.  Organized events and activities include: cultural nights, banquets, hockey and ball-hockey, fundraising for charities, and many more.

Small sections of 10 to 15 students provide a comfortable community environment.  Common areas, such as the kitchen and dining area (where you can prepare your own meals), social room, laundry room and study room are conveniently located on the ground floor, ensuring a more peaceful atmosphere in the bedrooms.

At the Lucien Matte Residence many have established friendships that last a lifetime.

  • Single room $6 270
  • Double room $5 240
  • Deposit for the room $600
  • Caution Fee Deposit $100


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In accepting students, all are welcome, but priority is given to those who are willing to live in a bilingual context; dedicated to the ideal of service to others; and committed to academic excellence.

To complete the Lucien Matte Residence application process, ensure that you have the following:

  • application form, signed and complete
  • a letter indicating your academic program, interests, and a profile of your preferred roommate



For any other information please feel free to contact the Residence office at (705) 673-5661, ext. 420 or 


Residence Committees

Get involved! Join a committee or participate at events and activities. You will meet many fellow residents and have the possibility to make friends for life!

  • Arts Committee
  • Community Engagement
  • Environmental Committee
  • Francophone Committee
  • Health and Wellness
  • Indigenous Cultural Awareness Committee
Click here to explore the committees.  For more information or to join any of these committees, email


Residence Life Leaders

The Residence Life Leaders are a team of seven students who have lived in the residence for at least one academic year.  The team is responsible for maintaining an atmosphere conducive to study, rest, relaxation, quiet hours, and cleanliness on their floors.  Residence Life Leaders are also responsible for organizing their floors for kitchen duty and their Leader on Duty schedule.  They are your first contact in residence for any questions or concerns.  They receive extensive training in many aspects of residence life that provides them with the tools necessary in assisting students. They help create the “home away from home” comfort in the residence.  This years team is the 51st group of Life Leaders to assist in managing the Lucien Matte Residence.

Life Leaders 2017-2018
Joy Nyamiaka Ground Floor
Rashid Dia Hantchi   1st Gold / 1st Blue
Michileen Bryan 1st Red / 1st Brown
Brittany Brink 2nd Gold / 2nd Blue
François Leroux 2nd Red / 2nd Brown
Monica Bedard 3e doré / 3rd Blue
Emily Lamothe 3rd Red / 3rd Brown

Residence Life Leaders 2017 2018
Left to right: François Leroux, Brittany Brink, Michileen Bryan, Emily Lamothe, Monica Bédart, Joy Nyamiaka, Rashid Dia Hantchi

Residence Porters

Customer Service is a big part of their job, as they answer many questions and provide information to students and guests. They are responsible for logging information, signing guests in and out, and issuing bracelets. Porters are normally the first person who will contact security or emergency personnel if an emergency arises. Their collaboration with the Residence Life Leaders and all residents is key to ensuring a safe environment.

2017-2018  Porters
Sophie Beaulieu                 Gabrielle Béchard                 Mohammad Faisaluddin
Isabelle Gauthier   Bailey Isenor   Alison Jerome
Sean Patterson   Dani Parent   Katelyn Pittman
Bradley Senecal   Shamika Wickramasuriya    
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