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MEDIA TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP SERIES presents: "RÉDACTION D'UN COMMUNIQUÉ MÉDIATIQUE" MEDIA TECHNOLOGY WORKSHOP SERIES presents: "RÉDACTION D'UN COMMUNIQUÉ MÉDIATIQUE" (en/media-technology-workshop-series), or contact Félix Hallée-Théoret: (, 705-673-5661, ext. 211.Workshops will be offered every Tuesday in November 7 p.m. to 8:30 212, University of Sudbury COST: $90 + HST / $45 + HST for studentsStay tuned for upcoming workshops! Note: The workshops will be offered in the described language.BETTER BRAINSTORMING WITH GROUPS - Tuesday, November 27 Brainstorming is one of the most crucial steps in any creative process, and it’s always more stimulating to do it in groups, or at the very least not alone. As anyone who’s done it can attest, this can quickly get very messy if you don’t have the proper tools. These can range from a simple moderator-led session to a more complex foru...

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« I would strongly encourage students to take courses at the University of Sudbury. I did, and it changed my life for the better in so many ways. »
- Kian Madjedi, Graduate



Études journalistiques

In this rapidly changing field, employers seek out our graduates because they are familiar with the latest technologies and the innovative approaches required in today's world.


Folklore et ethnologie

provides a better understanding of Francophone culture, customs, traditions, legends and beliefs that have shaped it.


Indigenous Studies 

promotes an understanding of Indigenous peoples, their traditions, aspirations and participation in local, national and international communities.



will give you the tools to critically examine your own worldviews, as well as those of others; will allow you to explore various questions and areas of personal interest; and will teach you how to think about issues that touch your life.


Religious Studies

approaches the study of religion as a social phenomenon, focusing on the relationship between religion and culture, recognizing that religions have occupied a very central place in virtually all civilizations.