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Kevin FitzMaurice - Professeur associé

DéPARTEMENT d'études autochtonesKevin FitzMaurice
Tél.: 705-673-5661 poste 410

  • Ph.D. Indigenous Studies, Trent University
  • M.A. Canadian – Indigenous Studies, Trent University
  • B.A. Political Science, Queen's University
  • B.Comm. University of Ottawa
Sujets de spécialisation
  • Indigenous – Settler Political Relations, Reconciliation Studies, Criminal Justice and Family Law, Indigenous Governance and Urban Studies, Media Studies, Indigenous Research Methods, Housing and Homelessness, and Indigenous Critical Theory.
Cours enseignés
  • INDG/POLI 3105 Canadian Law, Politics and Indigenous People
  • INDG 3116 Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System
  • INDG 3117 Social Policy, Family Law and Indigenous Peoples
  • INDG 3215 Indigenous Community Based Research Methods
  • INDG 3056 The City as Home: International Perspectives on Indigenous People in Urban Centres
  • INDG 3066 Indigenous People in Canadian Urban Centres
  • INDG 3226 Indigenous Critical Theory
  • INDG 2136 Indigenous Political Resistance in Canada: An Integrated Media Analysis
Intérêts de recherche
  • Dr. Kevin Fitzmaurice is an Associate Professor with Indigenous Studies at the University of Sudbury, where he specializes in Indigenous-Settler political relations, Urban Indigenous Studies, and Indigenous Critical Theory. He is presently a Regional Co-Director for the SSHRC ‘Urban Abori­ginal Knowledge Network’ national research, a North Eastern Ontario Lead with the National Centre for the Collaboration on Indigenous Education, and a Co-Investigator on Indigenous homelessness and the urban Native housing program in Ontario with the Poverty, Homelessness and Migration Study. As well, he was a Research Associate for the 2011 Toronto Aboriginal Research Project (TARP) and the 2007 Ontario Urban Aboriginal Task Force (UATF).

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Publications récentes

Pour des copies PDF des travaux de M. Fitzmaurice, voir sa page de profil sur 

  • Fitzmaurice, K 2019. Biinidsa: Going Home to Clean Up in Eds. Hankard. M. The Clean Place: Honouring Indigenous Spiritual Roots of Turtle Island. J.Charlton Publishing. Vernon. B.C.
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  • Fitzmaurice, K. 2016. ‘The Alberta Tar Sands - gwatanziwag wii-di-goshinowaad – manno- The Choices That We Make’ in We Still Live Here: First Nations, the Alberta Oil Sands, and Surviving Globalism. Ed. Hankard, M. and Charlton, J. JCharlton Publishing.
  • Fitzmaurice, K and Newhouse, D. 2016. ‘Surviving the Long Assault: Manno and the path to Indigenous Reconciliation’ in Survivance and Reconciliation: 7 Forward/ 7 Back: 2015 Canadian Indigenous Native Studies Association Conference Proceedings. Ed. Hele, K. Aboriginal Issues Press.
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  • Fitzmaurice, K. 2012. 'Transgressing the Boundaries of Indigenous Studies: Traces of 'White Paper' Policy in Academic Patterns of Indigenization. in Canadian Journal of Indigenous Studies as part of special publication of June 2012 'Celebrating Indigenous Knowledges: People, Land, and Culture' conference at Trent University (Article: refereed)
  • Fitzmaurice, K. and Slegers, B. 2012. Wasauksing First Nation: Community-Based Strategic Planning Final Report. (Aboriginal community refereed).
  • Fitzmaurice, K. 2011. ‘Apologies, Truth, and Reconciliation: Indigenous Knowledge and the Decolonization of Aboriginal-non-Aboriginal relations in Canada’ in White-Indian Relations: Moving Into the 21rst Century. Galda Verlag Press. (Article: refereed)
  • FitzMaurice, K and McCaskill, D. 2011. ‘Socio-economic Progress for Aboriginal people in Ontario. Long-term Strategic Planning Study’ for Aboriginal Affairs Ontario. (non-refereed)
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