Welcome to the University of Sudbury and to our website!

For over a century now, the University of Sudbury has continued to position itself as a beacon of post-secondary education in Northern Ontario. It is in fact the oldest institution of its kind in the region, which is situated on the Robinson-Huron Treaty territory, and on the traditional lands of the Atikameksheng Anishnaabeg and the Wahnapitae First Nation. The University of Sudbury, founding member of the Laurentian Federation, defines itself by its bilingual and tri-cultural tradition, its Jesuit heritage and by its dedication to promoting the culture and traditions of Indigenous peoples. True to our roots, we continue to focus on education in Humanities by offering unique programming in Indigenous Studies, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Journalism (French only), and Folklore and Ethnology (French only).

During the last academic year, we celebrated many important occasions, namely:
• the official opening of our Labo médias, a practical lab containing various zones and authentic state-of-the-art equipment for communications professionals;
• the construction of our Nishnaabe-gkendaaswin Teg Indigenous arbour, a space for ceremonies, reflection or to seek the wisdom of Elders;
• the unveiling of an Ontario Heritage Trust plaque erected on our lot to commemorate the history of the Franco-Ontarian flag which is intertwined with our own;
• the remittance of continuing bursaries of $7,000 and more per year to a few Indigenous students;
• the annual Awards Ceremony where many students and dedicated staff members were recognized;
• …and many more.

This is all in addition to our long-standing services and assets, such as the library filled with credible, pertinent and useful resources; the Peace Garden and trails; and our Residence offering the largest double rooms on campus, an optional meal plan, and a bilingual, comfortable community environment.

Here at the University of Sudbury, you will have access to a personalized educational experience. You will benefit from an intimate environment where you will be known by name, while also benefiting from the many services offered on the wider Laurentian Federation campus. Judging by the comments we receive, you are also likely to create lasting memories and friendships!

Choosing the University of Sudbury is choosing an education in Humanities. This means to gain transferable skills and knowledge that will be useful in all professions and facets of life; to care about the issues affecting our society; and to want to develop your whole person. In short, it’s to make a sound decision leading to a rich, active, fulfilling and engaged life.

I invite you to explore our website to discover all we have to offer and to see how we make our university the best place to study, live and make a difference in the communities we serve. If you are looking for more information or want a tour, do not hesitate to contact us; our welcoming staff will be pleased to help you. I also invite you to participate in the numerous activities that take place in our dynamic community during the year. Take full advantage; your postsecondary studies offer the ideal time to explore, get involved and give it your all!

I look forward to welcoming you to our campus; I hope to meet you soon!

Sophie Bouffard, Ph.D.
President and Vice-Chancellor

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