In 1975, the Franco-Ontarian flag was raised for the first time in the province at the University of Sudbury. This year, on what felt like a beautiful summer day, a few hundred people gathered once again at that same location for the annual raising of the flag. Amongst the participants this year were the Premier of Ontario, the Honorable Kathleen Wynne, the Minister responsible for Francophone Affairs, Madeleine Meilleur, the Minister of Training, Colleges and University, Minister Reza Moridi, Mayor Marianne Matichuk, MPP France Gélina MPP Joe Cimino, the Executive Director of l'ACFO, Joanne Gervais, the President of Laurentian University, Dominic Giroux and the President of Collège Boréal, Pierre Riopel. In addition to university students, high school Students from E.S. MacDonald Cartier and from E.S. Hanmer also joined the festivities and enjoyed a pizza lunch after the ceremony. Patrick Wright et les Gauchistes amazed the crowd with their wonderful music.

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Levee 2014.1Pierre Zundel (President of the University of Sudbury

Levee 2014.2Madeleine Meilleur (Minister responsible for Francophone Affairs)

Levee 2014.3Honorable Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario)

Levee 2014.4Left to right: Dr. Pierre Zundel (President of the University of Sudbury), Honorable Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario), Dominic Giroux (President of Laurentian University), and Joanne Gervais (Executive Director of l'ACFO)

Levee 2014.5Gérald Michel (Chancellor at the University of Sudbury) and the Honorable Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario)

Levee 2014.6Honorable Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario) and Alex Tetreault (President of l'Association des étudiantes et étudiants francophones - Laurentian University)

Levee 2014.7Honorable Kathleen Wynne (Premier of Ontario)

Levee 2014.8Group shot

Levee 2014.9Patrick Wright et les Gauchistes

Levee 2014.10Student from l'E.S. MacDonald Cartier and l'E.S. Hanmer 

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